Monthly Links (March 2015)

I’ve decided I’m going to start a new segment which will happen monthly. Basically, it’s links I’ve come across on the internet that really spoke to me. Most will be about fitness, or mental health/psychology, but it’s something I think I’d want to pass on to others.


If only I knew these things when I started: 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Running

Who knew that working out could replace an addiction: Running Was My Drug of Choice. Here’s How I Finally Found Balance

I’d be interested in trying this challenge: I stopped eating food that comes in a package. I’ve never felt better

It’s all about taking your time, and enjoying the moment (even if it’s hard!): Why Time is Screwing Up Your Workout

Something I agree with 100%: Why Food and Exercise Shouldn’t Touch

Exercise Addiction: Exercise Guilt? It’s Time for an Intervention


Thin Shaming Runners: What a Real Runner Looks Like?

I think we all suffer from anxiety once in awhile: How to Help Manage Anxiety

Something I’m striving for in order to be successful: What Self-Loving People Do Differently

I am perfectionist, through and through: 6 Ways Perfectionism is Sabotaging You

My inner saboteur is always running my life: Prepare to Succeed|Tips for Overcoming Your Inner Saboteur

I’m a big self-doubter: 7 Tools to Overcome Self-Doubt