Game of Thrones Book 3: A Storm of Swords (****) (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

I’ve been attempting to get through the Game of Thrones series before watching the TV show (I’ve seen the first season, but I read the first book before it came out and became popular). They’re just so unbearably long, that I had to switch to audiobook form, that way when I’m driving, or during my long runs, I can listen to them, and hopefully get through them quicker than reading (which I think is doubtful haha, but I’m trying to be positive here).

Anyway, I’ve FINALLY finished book 3 A Storm of Swords. It’s hard to say the synopsis, as SO much happens in this book, but the most important key points are: Rob Stark is killed at his uncle Edmund’s wedding due offending the bride’s family (he was supposed to marry into the family, but didn’t). Catelyn is also killed. Arya is still trying to find her way to Riverrun (was found and kidnapped by Sandor Clegane, but then escapes). Jon makes his way back to the wall, and ends up becoming Lord Commander. Bran is trying to make his way to the wall also with his cousins. Joffery is poisoned at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell and dies. Tyrion is blamed and sentenced to death. Cersei is still scheming away. Jaime makes it back to Cersei, but is disowned by his father (can’t remember why. Must not’ve been important haha). Sansa is also blamed for Joffery’s poisoning, but escapes Kings Landing, and is no where’s to be seen. Daenerys docks on land, and takes over 2 cities with her dragons (not much is really said about her. I guess she doesn’t feature much in the book).

I think that’s all the main points that I can remember. If I remember more I guess I’ll edit the post.

Other than being excruciatingly long, I do enjoy the books, but I’m so glad I switched to audible though. Makes it so much easier to get through them, and I wasn’t sure I’d remember the points, but I did! I can’t wait to start watching the series. Perhaps I will do that shortly. Just one more book review to write!

See you all in my next post (which will be shortly)! Happy Reading!