IMG_1836I finished another book, quite quickly actually. However, it is a Jodi Picoult novel, so that’s probably why. I really like her books, however, I just didn’t find this one up to par. It didn’t pique my interest as much as some of her others, and the twist at the end, just wasn’t there unfortunately. The novel was Second Glance.

This book has many storylines (at first I had a really hard time keeping the names straight! There was a Rod and Ross, who I consistently got confused until the characters were fully defined), which end up being tied together. Basically, it follows a man named Ross who lost his (he thought) one true love as he searches for his lost girlfriend’s ghost. It also follows his sister Shelby and nephew Ethan (Ethan has a condition where he can’t go outside in the sun as he’s severely allergic to sunlight). It also follows a geneticist Meredith and her daughter Lucy who sees ghosts. Anyway, in Shelby’s town weird things start happening due to a supposed Native burial ground being bought and developed into a strip mall. Ross goes to investigate, falling in love with a ghostly woman (Lia) who he wants to find out her history. As it goes, Lia lived on the land in the 30’s, and committed suicide when she delivered her supposed stillborn child. Lia remains a ghost as the reason for her death has been hid by her husband who was at the top of his game for eugenics. Her husband was surveying the Native population and other populations of Vermont to determine which ones should be “voluntarily sterilized” in order to rid Vermont of “feeble-minded-ness” and other detrimental characteristics. As it turns out, Lia’s mother had an affair with a Native man, and when Lia’s husband finds out that their baby is part native, he smothers the child, but the baby actually survives. DUN DUN DUN.

Anyway, as you can see it’s a super-convoluted storyline, and is very difficult to explain to anyone who isn’t currently reading it. The ending was kind of awful, in that it had a lot of extra bits, that weren’t really needed, when she could’ve ended the story with Ross finding out who the baby was. But anyway…

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t recommend this novel to anyone who doesn’t already read books by Jodi Picoult. It’s just not worth struggling to keep the storylines straight.