The Gargoyle ****

The Gargoyle-Andrew Davidson
The Gargoyle-Andrew Davidson

It’s been a loooong while since I’ve finished a book. Do any of you readers feel guilty when it takes you forever to finish a book? As if you’re insulting the author, or letting yourself down by not taking the time to sit down and read? I always feel that way. Unfortunately, my life is over-run with the internet (mostly Netflix. A terrible addiction, I tell you!), which eats up most of my day, and a big reason I’m a procrastinator. Anyway, time to come back from that tangent, and get on with this post.

I finished Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle on Monday, I started well before the new year. It’s about 450ish pages long, and yet it took me almost 2 months to read! Which, I’m sure to some of you seems like a normal amount of time, but honestly, I could’ve been through it a lot faster if I had put my mind to it. It’s not even that I didn’t like the book, and was just dragging my feet about ending it, I just wasn’t that into reading. I go through stints where all I want to do is read, but after about 3-4 books, I get tired of it, and don’t read as much. But on GoodReads, I created a goal to read 24 books this year (double my last year’s goal!), it certainly seems scary, seeing as I’m already about 2-3books behind schedule. So I really need to back away from the Netflix, and start reading more in my spare time. The good thing, is I’m going to include my Audible books in that goal (if I ever finish the 3rd Game of Thrones audiobook…. -.-). Dear Lord, another tangent. Perhaps I need more caffeine…Back to the book at hand. This book has a strange macabre feel to it, even though it has nothing to really do with death, or murder. I just go this creepy vibe off it. I think also it has a deeper meaning than what I got out of it, but alas, I am a concrete thinker, and those abstract ideas just won’t come to me. I know they’re there lurking in the hidden depths of my brain, but my fishing line just hasn’t hooked it yet. I need enjoy it, as I could really get into the characters and their stories (even though I did have to skim over some parts as I was getting impatient…whoopsie!). I can’t say I really identified with the characters, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

This book is based on a man’s life who was a drug addict porn star who got into an unfortunate (or a fortunate more like) car accident that caused him to have 3rd degree burns over his entire body. While recovering from his burns, a woman visits him in the hospital who says that they have known each other for hundreds of years. They develop a relationship (albeit a strange one) and she tells him stories (which all tie into objects that she gives him as gifts). I guess the meaning behind the title, that she carves out his true personality just as an artist carves out a gargoyle out of a hard piece of stone, so that when he’s revealed, although he is ugly in the physical sense, his personality is true and honest (Wow, I just surprised myself with how insightful that comment was!). Anyway, it was a great novel, though not based in reality (which sometimes, one needs). I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a more abstract book, that makes you think about the possibility of past lives.

Now, I get to start Gone Girl! So far, I really enjoy it!


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