Week in Review (January 5-11)

Another week in the books! The weather has been terrible lately, but I’m proud of myself because I still got out there and ran (only 1 gym run last week!)

Mileage for this week: 15.91km

Mileage for #100DaysofMiles: 27km/161km (17miles/100miles)

Mileage for #2015in2015: 27km/1623km (17miles/1008miles)


It was insanely cold and blustery (60km/hr gusts!!), so I decided that instead of getting hypothermia/frostbite I would run inside at the gym (this is the day I found out that my gym pass was expiring the next day…WHOOPS!). I’ve decided to make it my goal to run at least 5k 3 times a week when I’m not training for a race. After my run, I came home, did some yoga to stretch out (I’ll do a post about my favourite yoga videos, I also have a pinterest board for yoga!) I’ve been following (but have been slacking) Yoga With Adrienne’s 30 Days of Yoga Challenge, so that’s one of the workouts I did after a general yoga for runners video. After, I tried something new for supper…and lemme just say, it was delicious! 😀

My old yoga set up. MrRBW got a weight bench and mat, so I've had to rearrange. I'm not one of change, so it's been a process...
My old yoga set up. MrRBW got a weight bench and mat, so I’ve had to rearrange. I’m not one of change, so it’s been a process…
Red pepper with an egg in the centre, with some avocado on top!
Red pepper with an egg in the centre, with some avocado on top!


First night back at ladies’ curling! We’ve been on a losing streak lately (although we’ve all been making some pretty wicked shots!) so hopefully the new year will bring new chances to win! I was exhausted when I got home so into bed I went with Ghost and it was snuggle time!

Snuggle time with me and Ghosty-lady!
Snuggle time with me and Ghosty-lady!


It was freezing cold out (a balmy -16C), but thankfully no wind, so I decided that I would bundle up and run with Ghost outside. I had to wear: long sleeve shirt, zip-up hoodie, jacket, toque, neckwarmer, mittens, lined running leggings, pants, and my Saucony Gortex Trail shoes. I was warm, but I felt like the Michelin Man…Ghost seemed fine, but we had to stop a couple of times and take out the melted icy-snow from between the pads of her feet 😦 So I’ve decided no more runs with me unless it’s 0C or higher. The poor thing would also stand on 3 legs at the lights or crosswalks while we waited. I felt terrible! After that run I decided to look into lighter but warmer running jackets (I found a good down-filled jacket that was on sale at Joe Fresh! It’s not meant for running, but it does the job!), as I felt huge and sluggish. I was sad, because I used mapmyrun to map out my run, but I forgot a part of it when I got out there, so I didn’t get my full 5k in 😦 After that run, I worked 3-11, where I got to spend a large portion of my night at Tim Horton’s while one of the youth was at cadets. I got to eavesdrop on old people, which is fun, but I’m fairly certain they were all hard of hearing, so it was also quite loud.

What we looked like on our run!
What we looked like on our run!
My face while listening to loud old people
My face while listening to loud old people


Not much to report. I worked 3-11 again. It snowed. A LOT. So it was a pretty terrible drive home, but I made it. I also had to prepare for my night shift on Friday night, so I stayed up until about 3:30 am.


I woke up to a nasty, sleety day. I decided against running outside as the weather consistently got worse, so I prepared myself for another run at the gym. I even got a treadmill workout all planned out from fitnessandfeta! (I have another pinterest board for running). But, alas, when I arrived at the gym, it was actually closed, so I didn’t get to do anything that day! 😦

I've never tried this workout, but I assumed it was going to be hard as Hell, but very rewarding.
I’ve never tried this workout, but I assumed it was going to be hard as Hell, but very rewarding.


Consisted of sleeping. I was going to run, but I can’t remember why I didn’t. Probably the weather and unplowed sidewalks. It obviously was an eventful day if I can’t even remember what I did! HA HA Oh wait! I had my first Yoga for Runners class! It was a great way to stretch out, and I must say I really do enjoy holding poses for longer to get an even better stretch. I don’t know about holding hard poses (ahem, plank) for longer, but when it comes to restorative yoga definitely a must! When I got out it was very snowy.


I was going to get up and run with GRC, but I looked outside, and at the sidewalks, and decided that I wasn’t going to take my chances, and waited until later to run. I wore my new down-filled jacket and was snuggly and warm! However, I should’ve wore an extra layer on my legs, as they went numb very quickly, and a neckwarmer/scarf to cover my cheeks. I told a friend I ran 6.4k outside, and because of the slush in places when I got home I wanted to lay down, but it was too cold outside so I didn’t.  Part of my run was a slight downhill, but because my run was an out and back run, when I turned around I had to run uphill in slushy, soft snow, so needless to say I ended up walking parts until I could see bare sidewalk again. It was frustrating to say the least. Not to mention, snow kept piling up in the tread of my trail shoes so I was getting frustrated with knocking that out too. I’m glad I got out there, but I definitely hate that aspect of winter running. But I try to remember that every tough run means an easy one is coming soon.


That was my week! I’m hoping I can get 3 runs in this week too, so wish me luck that the weather remains good.


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