My 2015 Fitness Challenges

I’m not sure if I’m overzealous (as this seems to be a pretty common theme) or crazy, but this year I’ve signed up for 2 challenges (fitness/running that is). One is easier than the other thankfully… the challenges are: #100DaysofMiles and #2015in2015.


So, a few days before New Years, I saw a 2015 #100DaysofMiles challenge put on by “I ❤ to run”, so I decided that I would try to influence my friends who run/walk/are active to do this challenge with me. The challenge can be taken two different ways:

  1. You have to walk/run 1 mile for 100 days until you reach 100miles
  2. You have to have 100 days of activity (walking/running/biking etc)

I’ve decided to do both ways. Currently, I’m at: 18km/161km (I converted the distance into km as it makes tracking WAAAAY easier) OR 11miles/100miles.  Activity-wise, I’m at 4 activities/100 activities.

If you’re interested in this challenge here’s the link for the Facebook challenge.


So this challenge is CRAZY. Basically, they’re challenging people to do 2015 miles in 2015. I don’t think I could EVER achieve that kind of mileage, so I joined up using another person, so I only have to run 1008.5miles (or 1623km). I’m not even sure I’ll achieve that much, but we shall see, seeing as I want to run a half marathon in October (and seeing as it’s my first, I’ve been advised to start training 4 months in advance, which means I’ll be doing some pretty long runs come June-October). With this one, I’m actually including anytime I go for a walk, walk the dog, or if I use a stationary bike, as I think that will be the only time I’ll ever get to that kind of crazy mileage. Broken down that means I have to do 135.2km/mo–> 33.8km/week. I’m going to be a bit light this month (and perhaps the next few months)…But hopefully, once the weather is less snowy, I’ll be able to run further.

Currently, I’m at: 18km/1623km OR 11miles/1008.5miles. Wish me luck on this one you guys, because I’m definitely going to need it.

If you’re interested in signing up for this crazy challenge, here’s the link.


Are any of you doing a fitness challenge this year?


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