New Year’s Resolutions/Commitments

I don’t typically do New Year’s Resolutions, only because I KNOW I’m going to fail or give up very quickly. I decided this year that there are a few things I should work on, even though they basically both boil down to laziness (I can run 5k, and yet when it comes to certain things, I’m very lazy!). I read a blog post by Fitness & Feta¬†recently that talks about using the word “commitment” instead of resolution. To sum it up though, she believes that resolution makes it sound like you are trying to fix something that is currently broken, which she thinks (and I agree) is a very negative way to start off a new year. It’s a hard mindset to move away from. Instead of using the “won’t” and “can’t” phrases, we should start using positive phrases: “will” “more” “start”. Anyway, this is a long-winded introduction to what my New Year’s Commitments are. I currently have 2.

1. I will complete 1 thing on my to-do list before browsing the internet (or doing whatever other activity I use to procrastinate)

  • I’ve noticed as of late, that I’ve been really slacking on my house cleaning and general to-do’s. It’s mostly because of procrastination. I enjoy having a clean house, and not being late (whoops…sorry about not sending those Christmas cards, guys!) on doing laundry, etc.
  • So my plan of action, is to complete at least 1 thing on my to-do list before sitting down and enjoying the internet/Netflix. So far, it’s been very hard, and I haven’t really been successful, but baby-steps right?
  • I’ve decided to use this plan as I’m trying to see it as a reward-based system. When I complete a to-do, I can reward myself with so many minutes of internet browsing (I really should set a time limit, because that’s when procrastinating is going to start haha).

2. I will keep in contact with friends who live out-of-province or in another country

  • This one is a biggy. One of my best childhood friends lives on the other side of the country currently. I really miss her, and sometimes we go weeks (and even a month!) without any word from one another. I don’t make friends easily (or so I think) so I really need to cherish and keep the ones I have. This one will be a toughy, only because it involves not only myself, but also my friends.
  • I’ve decided that I will contact ChildhoodBestie at least once a week to check in (mostly like via text). I have two friends who are out of the country (in Germany and Poland to be exact) and I will contact them both at least once a month via Facebook messenger/email and let them know how my life has been.

I know these Commitments will be difficult, but I’m hoping for baby steps. I’ll give you an update in about 3 months time to let you guys know how things are going.


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