Christmas 2014 (in photos)

So I decided, that because this post has been so delayed (I’ve been busy/lazy, okay!?) I’m going to do a sentence a photo to describe my Christmas (and I might use some pictures from the beginning of December too…Just because I can!)

IMG_1360Ghost the elusive white reindeer who was not impressed.

IMG_1376Needed a new Christmas wreath for our front door, classy, no?

IMG_1403Got all fancy and did my nails Christmas-style.

IMG_1411When we finally decorated our tree, I had to take a picture with the fireplace on πŸ™‚

IMG_1418And now come the superfluous pictures of Christmas ornaments.

IMG_1421See above…


IMG_1424And again

IMG_1417Merry Christmas from Santa Buddha!

IMG_1422Sounds about right…

I know those pictures don’t really give you much insight into my Christmas, but honestly, it was pretty dull. I worked 😦 Hope you enjoyed the pictures either way!


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