Week in Review (Dec 22-28, 2014)

This week really consisted of A LOT of 12 hr shifts, so my week has been reaaaaaallly boring, unfortunately…


Monday was one of my glorious days off, and MrRBW and I went to my parents’ for a lobster dinner (oooo, fancy, I know!). There was an ulterior motive from my parents concerning this dinner-they wanted us to help them shell lobster for Christmas Eve seafood chowder. Either way, we got free lobster!


MrRBW and I headed out (separately) to finish off our Christmas shopping (yeah, we might be slight procrastinators…). Of course, the stores were complete hell-holes. Either way, the gifts were bought! In the evening, I, again, headed over to Mom & Dad’s, but this time it wasn’t to eat (although, I know I did lots of that haha) specifically, but rather, to decorate my grandparents’ Christmas tree, and to decorate sugar cookies. When I got home, MrRBW had put up our Christmas tree (about time!) I’ll be doing a separate post about Christmas (I’ll link it when it’s done), so the pictures will be up there.


And so started my 3-day stretch of 12hr days…It was pretty uneventful day at work. The most noteworthy things were:

  1. I went to my first Catholic Christmas Eve ceremony (I’m actually Protestant, even though I’m not a practicing Christian). Not as long and as boring as I had thought.
  2. MrRBW pulled a slight prank on me…I asked him to bring me some of the seafood chowder. He said he was going to be bringing me some canned chicken noodle soup. When he arrived, he handed me a bouillon cube, and a potato and said, “some assembly required”. I, of course, laughed. Then, he gave me the actual container of seafood chowder.


Christmas Day…we got up early, and headed to Mom and Dad’s in order to open gifts before I had to go to work. Then, I spent 12hrs gorging myself on chocolate, and baked goods…

This explains my sentiments exactly about Christmas time...
This explains my sentiments exactly about Christmas time…


My last day of my 3-day stretch, and I was exhausted. Not much to report here, other than I gorged myself on so much food, I’m surprised I could move…


Another glorious day off. Although I was tired, and wanted to enjoy my time off, I picked myself up, and went for an almost 4k run with Ghost. I felt like crap, due to the baked good still lurking in my system, but dear Lord, I know it did me good, because I feel so much better!

An overview
An overview


I worked another 12hr shift. Not much to report, other than the conversation that happened below between me and MrRBW.

Can you tell we've been listening to Game of Thrones on Audible?
Can you tell we’ve been listening to Game of Thrones on Audible?

And that’s the basic gist of my last week. I’m now off until January 3rd, so hopefully, I’ll get some much needed rest, and perhaps some more reading, and writing in!


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