Week in Review (Dec 15-21, 2014)

So i thought I’d give you my week in review. I unfortunately was sick with a viral throat infection pretty much the entire week.


I was sick as a dog. Not gastro sick, but I could barely talk and I was so exhausted, I laid on the couch. Unfortunately, I had to give up an 8hr shift because of it, but I know if I had I would’ve been completely miserable, and by the end would’ve passed out on the couch from being so exhausted.


I was supposed to go to a curling Christmas closing. I went to the grocery store to pick up the food I needed to make my potluck baked spaghetti, but that small excursion left me so exhausted, I came back, sat on the couch, and didn’t move until almost 8pm.


By Wednesday I was feeling almost normal, so MrRBW and I made it out into the world to deliver a gift (see below) to the UPS store in order for it to be sent to his family in Ontario.

MrRBW's wrapping job for a gift being sent to his family...
MrRBW’s wrapping job for a gift being sent to his family…

I did get to take this selfie (see below) and if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw it with the caption “Pom Pom powers activate!” My mother informed me a couple days later that as a child, I absolutely HATED pom poms as a child and refused to wear them. My how things have changed.



I was feeling antsy, so Ghost (my lovely dog) and I headed out for a run. Although, it probably wasn’t the best idea, as when I got home I was coughing up a storm. I did get a (slow) 3.83k in around the area. But that alone wiped me out.

An overview
An overview


I went to my Mom and Dad’s to decorate gingerbread cookies and hangout with my mother. It’s almost nice to spend time with my mother 🙂 She’s a Steeped Tea consultant, so she gave me some new hot chocolate flavours to try (Warm Cinnamon, and Mint) so MrRBW and I tried them that night (see picture below). My parents’ dog Cassie apparently really missed me because she was all over me!

Guardian of my Lap
Guardian of my Lap
Mint Hot Chocolate on the left, and Warm Cinnamon on the Right. Both were delicious :-)
Mint Hot Chocolate on the left, and Warm Cinnamon on the Right. Both were delicious 🙂


I worked 8-4pm, which was a good shift thankfully. Then, we went to Mom and Dad’s again to celebrate my grandmother’s 82nd birthday. Unfortunately, when they arrived at the house, Ghost took out both of them, so MrRBW had to take her home. It was a great evening with family.


I worked 10-10, so my entire day was consumed with work. Not much to report.

Here’s hoping that I continue to to improve and get better, and I hope that I can actually sleep through the night. I’m also hoping to get a couple more runs in! I have high hopes! Hope you all had a great week!


One thought on “Week in Review (Dec 15-21, 2014)

  1. theblogablelife December 27, 2014 / 11:26 AM

    I love these weekly reviews! Keep going with your blog 🙂


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